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You don’t have to be tech savvy or environmentally hyper-conscious to make use of roo. It’s an excellent mode of everyday transport that offers many benefits to individuals and businesses alike. Choosing electric mobility has become a more viable proposition, economically and practically, than ever before. And it’s one that also happens to have a positive impact on the environment.

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Shape the future of mobility with us and be part of this unique opportunity to change the world for the good. Together we can start a global movement to reduce exhaust gases, traffic congestion and unsustainable economic practices.

Company mobility

roo is a sensible expansion to any company fleet.

Medium and large companies headquartered in urban and suburban areas have a particular need for small, agile vehicles that employees or clients can use to travel between plants and subsidiaries or into the city.

roo also represents the perfect solution for driving across a large corporate campus or inside a sprawling industrial park to make meetings or head to lunch.

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The car-sharing market is also crucial to meeting climate goals and increasing mobility demand in urban areas.

It complements public transportation and can also help cover the most problematic leg of it: the first / last mile to and from work. roo works as an alternative to e-scooters, e-bikes and cars for existing sharing platforms. It also offers micro-mobility sharing providers the key to appealing to new (yet not accessible) user groups: seniors, those seeking easy, secure driving and those who need mid-distance (2 – 15 km) transportation. Plus it opens up cities not yet viable for vehicle sharing due to high precipitation or low density.

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Mobility sharing


By serving as an integrated, shared-mobility solution for apartment dwellers (included in the rent), within community housing or even by residents of whole neighborhoods or suburbs, roo can reduce or even eliminate the need for cars in many situations.

roo can also relieve stress on public transportation infrastructure. It enables residents to cover short distances where buses are inconvenient due to circuitous routes or long waits. And as Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) rise in popularity in gated and other private communities, roo can take its place in this growing niche, replacing the glorified golf carts in current use.

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If you own a second car or a motorcycle, roo can substitute for it.

Use it for short hops around town and save your car or SUV for longer trips or to haul passengers or cargo. This will conserve on gas, cut emissions and keep miles off your primary vehicle. Plus roo is much easier to maneuver and park due to its small size.

roo is also ideal for commuting to work or for covering that first / last commuter mile. Light rail stops and stations are not always conveniently located. roo keeps you dry and comfortable as you reach the main travel axis and transfer to a train that delivers you to the city center.

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