Individual vehicles produce an outsized proportion of all CO2 emitted by urban passenger traffic. Which only continues to rise. Electric cars and public transportation constitute crucial pillars for achieving CO2 goals and satisfying increasing mobility demand in urban areas. By midcentury, 70% of humanity will live in cities so the need for more eco-friendly solutions is urgent.

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Gridlock sucks – time for a change

It causes delays. Increases fuel consumption and vehicle emissions. Raises stress levels. Cuts into leisure time. And lowers quality of life. While ground transportation is essential to the functioning of cities, the huge number of vehicles on the road creates traffic congestion, one of the urban world’s most vexing problems.

Cities are investing heavily in public transportation. They are encouraging the use of electric cars, lowering speed limits and eliminating parking spaces as well. Yet these measures alone will not solve traffic and emissions problems. Light rail, bus and subway systems are already strained at peak travel times, and their passenger volumes are projected to double by 2050 compared to 2021 figures. So big gaps loom and complementary solutions are needed.

Run on the sun

roo is an entirely new vehicle for urban travel. Like the elevator or the automobile, it promises to reshape city life. Bred to be energy efficient and emission free, it fits ideally into our new era of needing to use resources wisely and to limit CO2 release. As combustion engines begin to be banned from or taxed in inner cities; as novel mobility schemes expand in major metropolises; and as new small-format electric vehicles proliferate, roo takes its place as a key element in a sustainably mobile future.

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Cruise past traffic

Save time and be on time

You know the frustration of rush-hour backups that make you late for a meeting or event. And there’s the secondary effect of being unable to estimate travel times due to traffic and so adding a time cushion in case it’s bad, only to arrive way too early. Eliminate these annoyances with a mode of travel that lets you skirt traffic jams and plan your day or night accurately.

Be a pioneer

Being first on your block to own a Ferrari is fine, if passé. How often can you use all that horsepower? (In most cities worldwide cars average only 10 kph.) And how many polar bears suffer for it? Being first on your block to tool around town in a roo is far more trend-setting and transformative. Why not help shape the future instead of conforming to it? Who knows? Greta might even give you a call.

Reduce noise pollution too

Electric mobility cuts down drastically on CO2 emissions. But it also makes for a more peaceful urban environment, slashing noise pollution. Cities are loud enough as it is. Lowering decibel levels also lowers human stress levels, studies have found. Roo is far quieter than any gas or diesel vehicle, not least motorcycles. Consider it a hidden – or unheard – benefit.