Embrace urban mobility that runs on electrons, not hydrocarbons. That comes with solar panels, not a tailpipe. roo is a fresh, fun take on getting around town that serves both as a symbol of and a catalyst for change. Why drive solo inside two tons of wasteful metal in stop-and-go traffic? Why compromise on individual freedom and comfort in a crowded bus? roo there.

fast forward

Rethinking mobility

Practical, fun and sporty. With its single seat, three wheels and countless applications, roo is at home in a variety of urban and suburban settings. It’s as compact and versatile as a Swiss Army knife. It looks cool too, like a resourceful Australian marsupial, not a space alien or a carelessly cooked soufflé. And the cornering performance may just put a smile on your face.







future mobility

Outstanding engineering

Weather-protected: by a windshield and safety roof
Small footprint: five roos fit in a single parking space
Sustainably produced: cradle-to-cradle production cycle