roo is ready to revolutionize urban traffic

Since 2017, the Swiss firm Share your Bicar AG has been working intensively to revolutionize urban mobility, but the time has finally arrived: the series production roo is here! Haven’t you heard of roo yet? That’s hardly surprising, since the model that preceded roo was called Bicar. The new name roo together with the new design and branding indicate this little miracle’s huge ambitions. roo is a new, agile and likeable generation of vehicles – indeed, even a unique and original type of vehicle. roo is ready to conquer the world, because roo represents nothing less than urban mobility of the future.

First and foremost: driving roo is a whole lot of fun! On its one seat and three wheels, roo gets you safely to all sorts of places – protected from the wind and rain. roo is as compact as a Swiss pocket knife, and looks cool. The technical data is very pleasing too. We’d like to show you a few amazing facts about the world’s smallest vehicle that’s been authorized for use on the roads – without having to wear a helmet. roo means mobility – but freshly thought through. Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present: roo

Tada! The brand-new roo is here!

  • Solar panel on the roof
  • Powered by a 2kW in-wheel motor
  • Battery: 2kWh, 48V, 6.1 kg
  • Speeds of up to 45 km/h
  • Driver’s seat with safety belt, and a helmet isn’t compulsory
  • 145 cm long, 80 cm wide, 188.5 cm high
  • Storage space for two shopping bags and up to 25 kg
  • A range of up to 60 km

roo has a lot more to offer too: it’s solar-powered and emission-free. At around 60 kilometres, roo has a range that’s significantly greater than preceding models. It’s so small that six roos fit into a single car parking space! Pretty astonishing, don’t you think?

Why the name roo?

Just as the vehicle itself can’t get any smaller, its name can’t get any shorter either. It comes from the English word kangaroo, the animal that – similar to the three-wheeled vehicle – owes its stability and agility to its two legs at the front and supporting tail at the back. Moreover, kangaroos are very strong and can likewise get by with only a few resources. Finally, this marsupial with its pouch was also the model for the storage space at the front of roo.

So where is the journey with roo heading?

roo wants to conquer the world with its huge potential. roos new image underlines its international orientation. We’re a spin-off from Zurich University of Applied Sciences, and as a global company we’ve got some major plans too: in addition to Switzerland and the rest of Europe, roo is meeting with great interest in India and the USA. From 2022 onwards, a fleet of around 100 roos will be made available to pilot partners.

Would you like to become a pilot partner for roo as well? Or are you interested in having a stake in this ecologically and economically sound investment? If so, please contact us and become part of the movement.

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