roo as an integrated mobility solution

roo isn’t just of interest to companies (corporate mobility). This agile electric vehicle can serve as an integrated shared mobility solution within residential areas, or can be made available to the residents of entire districts or suburbs. In many situations, roo can reduce or even eliminate the need for private cars.

Accommodation mobility

roo has a variety of areas in which it can be used, but this particular use case (so-called ‘accommodation mobility’) aims to relieve the burden on – or complement – the public transportation infrastructure. roo enables residents to cover short distances where public transportation is inconvenient due to lengthy detours or long waiting times. Moreover, this space-saving electric vehicle is the ideal solution for the first or last mile on one’s way to work.

roo is specifically only used for journeys which at the moment are predominantly made on e-bikes or motorbikes. This electric vehicle therefore reduces the need for private transportation, improves traffic flows on the roads, and impacts positively on the CO2 balance.

At the same time, roo can be used as an integrated shared mobility solution in apartment buildings (included in the rent), residential areas (closed user platform), or even entire quarters or districts. Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) are increasingly popular in gated and other private residential communities, and roo can become part of this growing niche area.

The idea behind shared mobility? Depending on what’s required, all sorts of vehicles are used jointly or alternately and then made available again to the respective community. roo is ideally suited as a shared mobility option because the vehicle has an open interface for IoT modules so it can quickly and easily be integrated into a sharing network.

Shared mobility

Concepts that can be assigned to shared mobility have increased in popularity for a number of years; here are some of the factors that are promoting the use of new mobility providers:

  • Changes to traffic & transportation concepts
  • Increasing environmental awareness
  • The desire for greater flexibility and autonomy in everyday life

The trend within society towards environmental awareness is making a decisive impact on the mobility sector. Around one quarter of energy consumption and CO2 emissions throughout the world can be attributed to traffic. At the same time, the aspects of safety, autonomy and self-fulfillment are becoming noticeably more important.

As an integrated mobility solution for apartment buildings or residential districts in urban or suburban areas, roo is kind to your wallet as well as the environment whilst enabling flexible and independent travel.



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