Presenting roo

A lot has happened since we first presented roo to the public in 2019 at the Geneva International Motor Show: We’ve reduced the weight of the vehicle, increased its battery capacity, and designed it to look more appealing and ergonomic. We’re proud to present the new roo, and to tell you everything about the small, agile vehicle and its new technical features.

Practical, lightweight and maneuverable: with its single seat, three wheels and a variety of technologies, roo is both compact and versatile. Over the past two years we’ve further developed our little vehicle and continuously optimized it, making a huge effort to revise the design.

The new design

The new roo will impress you with its sporty look and fresh color scheme. The windshield rounds off the vehicle’s modern lines and offers extra comfort and safety when driving in any weather.

Technical innovations

It isn’t just the vehicle’s outward appearance that showcases the improved ergonomics: at the same time, we’ve further developed the vehicle’s technical design, meaning the new roo is an even lighter electric vehicle which elegantly negotiates tight bends while being suitable for the narrowest roads.

  • roo is even lighter, thanks to an optimized aluminum frame
  • roo is more agile to drive, thanks to its intelligent tilt technology which adapts to the various ways in which it can be driven
  • roo is more versatile, thanks to its easily exchangeable batteries which are convenient to remove and then charge at home or in the office

Let’s get started

Two years after the public launch of roo, we’re ready for production: By the beginning of 2023, the intention is to produce two fleets (each with 50 roos) which will then take to the roads.

Would you like to become a partner or invest in this ecological and economical mobility solution? If so, we’d love to hear from you and hope you’ll become part of the movement. We’re currently promoting an introductory offer where two partners will benefit from a fleet of 50 roos for a 12-month period – free of charge. Go roo!

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