We’re pressing the start button on the future of urban mobility. Our goal for Roo is to enable people to transport themselves – in both the literal and figurative senses of the term – renewably. Our motto is: Lifestyle positive. Carbon neutral. Our journey has just begun.


Birth of a new era of urban mobility

roo was conceived out of concern for our environment, out of a belief that we can help protect it. We’re practically minded, solution-oriented engineers with a passion for sustainable mobility. We’re systems thinkers who see interconnectness. The benefits people enjoy today should not hurt the prospects for future occupants of this planet to live happy, rewarding lives.


roo is born as a research project at the University of Applied Sciences Winterthur (Switzerland). Team members are tasked with creating a practical, cost-effective, visionary mobility solution for the year 2030.


The then-named «Share your BICAR» is founded as a spinoff of the original project.


The BICAR receives road permission in Switzerland and is classified as an L2E vehicle.


BICAR becomes roo as the drive technology and the frame are upgraded and the vehicle is redesigned and rebranded. The new company gains momentum as firms and private users worldwide recognize its potential. A funding round is successfully carried out and additional investors are brought onboard.


A commercial pilot project launches with first-generation roos scheduled to roll out of the assembly plant in a medium-sized production run.

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The inventor of roo

Adrian Burri
Founder & CEO

T +41 78 854 21 10


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